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Similar in design to our popular Issential tights, these Cargo tights are ideal for keeping all your essential items close, in the multitude of pockets.

Again, the tights are patterned and designed in the saddle from micro-fibre fabric, to give excellent performance and comfort as well as looking great.

Designed with a 4 way stretch, these tights have no inside seam but utilise body contouring panels to provide a close fit, eliminating loose material which may cause friction burns and sores.

As well as having two front traditional style top pockets the tights have two smaller,storm flap, covered lower pockets measuring approx 5" high (12.5cm) x 4" wide (10cm) making them ideal for carrying items such as phones, notes, keys and hankies!

These tights are highly breathable and have outstanding wicking properties allowing heat and sweat to be transferred away from the body leaving the the rider dry and comfortable.

They come with inside knee patches as standard for a non slip performance. To ensure the tights maintain their shape there are top belt loops and gripper elastic at the ankle.

Manufactured from Microfibre, a durable, abrasion-resistant, lightweight and breathable stretch polyester.

Low Rise and boot cut versions available

For additional tight colours, please click on image and click NEXT on the right hand side

Colours available: Black, Chambray (Air Force Blue)

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Larger sizes available on request

Sizing Chart           Waist            Hips

Small                    26-27"          36-37"

Medium                 28-29"          38-39"

Large                    30½-32½"     40½-42"

Extra Large            33½-37½"      43½-45"





Manufactured from 16mm Biothane our Under Halters are available in all the colours and finishes of Biothane and are designed to fit under driving bridles.

Our lightweight halters are slim and do not interfere with bridle cheeks or nose bands and have the advantage that they can easily be washed in a bucket (or dishwasher) and wiped clean.

Under Halters are an invaluable addition during harnessing up and in case of an emergency.

Sizes from Miniature to Full or can be made to measure.

Fittings are Stainless Steel but Brass is available if required.

Available in Matt BETA, Solid and Neon Translucent colours.

Please click on image above for further images and biothane colours. Colour in image is Neon Cobalt Blue

Sizing Guide

Miniature - Nose Fixed 17" (43cm) Throat Lash Adjustable 27" (69cm)

Shetland - Nose Fixed 19" (48cm) Throat Lash Adjustable 30" (76cm)

Pony - Nose Fixed 23" (58cm) Throat Lash Adjustable 33" (84cm)

Cob - Nose Fixed 26" (66cm) Throat Lash Adjustable 38" (98cm)

Full - Nose Fixed 28" (71cm) Throat Lash Adjustable 44" (112cm)




A rider Medical card holder manufactured from Black Nylon Cordura with a large clear front.

The holder is accessed by a top velcro fastened fold over flap and can be attached to either arm or leg by an elasticated velcro strap.

Ideal for TREC and Eventing.

The holder is available in Black.

Actual size135mm (5¼") wide  x 176mm (7") high

Usable visible card window 115mm (4½") wide x 130mm (5¼") high


Designed to fit onto our E-Z Ride Soft Tread stirrups this Safety Cage set is supplied with all the required spacers, rivets, washer and mounting template to either replace damaged or broken cages or to add to non caged versions of the stirrups.

Please note to fit these cages you will need a drill and rivet gun as all the fittings are provided together with a template.


The Zilco Airflow saddle pad is ideal for keeping horses comfortable on long rides due to its ability to 'breathe'.  
The special perforated rubber lining has a dual purpose of encouraging airflow and decreasing saddle slippage at the same time. The extra thick poly fill and overall shape of the Airflow saddle makes it ideal for most saddles.  

Riders will also appreciate the easy maintenance of the pad, which can simply be wiped over with a sponge after a ride.
The pad has been extensively tested in Australia by Toft Endurance, who have had significant input into its design.
Colour Black with Navy edge

Pad dimensions
Front to back 22inches (550mm)
Top to Bottom at deepest point 21inches (252mm)
Depth at back 14inches (350mm)


Our size 1 pommel mounted saddle bags are manufactured from Heavy Duty breathable Nylon Cordura with clips to attach to front saddle d rings.  

Suitable for carrying a large range of items such as extra water bottle, food, compass etc, the bag has additional anti- bounce tie down loops for attachment to the girth/stirrup leathers. The pommel bag has nylon slide type fastenings on the flaps
Colour: Black

Bag dimensions (per bag)  
210 (h) x 160 (w) x 85(d)


Manufactured from Biothane and available in over 35 colors and 3 different types of finishes, our Cavesson Nose Band can be easily added to any simple style of bridle where a detachable nose band is required.

Available in sizes from Pony to Extra Full, the Nose band has 12mm wide adjustable side straps and an adjustable 16mm PVC waffle padded nose.

All fittings are Stainless Steel, Brass is available on request.



The Ariat Terrain Pro, trainer style boot, builds on the excellent performance of the original boots,with improved user comfort and stability.

Manufactured from full grain leather and Cordura these boots feature.

  • Padded top collar in Purple.
  • Contrasting Purple stitching to match top collar
  • Moisture wicking lining helping the feet to breathe.
  • Ariat ATS Pro inner sole system.
  • Smart rebound heel.
  • Base layer air vents to regulate foot temperature
  • Shock absorbing mid sole.

Colour Buck.

Available  size 5.5, 6.5, 7 and 7.5

Please click on image for alternative views.


Often find you get confused with which bridle fits which horse? Our new personalised brow bands allow you to have either you or your horse’s name across the brow, making the bridle easy to identify.

As the branding on our customised brow bands are heat transfer pressed it makes them very difficult to remove, which also acts as a security feature should the bridle become lost or stolen.

Our single loop brow bands are designed to fit either our C bit bridles or Simple bridles (without the throat lash) They are available with either small loops for straps up to 16mm wide or Large loops for up to 35mm wide such as those found on traditional Leather bridles.

Double loop brow bands fit our Halter bridles, Hackamore bridles and Simple bridles (with the throat lash) and have a large 35mm loop with either Brass or Plated metallic splitter loops

The Stopper style of brow bands are designed to fit our 2 part Deluxe bridles. When ordering these please indicate whether you require brass or nickel plated stoppers.

When ordering the brow bands please check the total length you require from the end of the loop to the other end of the loop, our standard sizes are shown below. Other smaller or larger sizes are available, please contact us for details.

Colours include

Translucent Neon Colours - Neon Red, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Fluorescent Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Cobalt Blue, Neon Sky Blue, Neon Turquoise and Neon Purple.

Full Gloss Solid Colours - Red , Yellow, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Silver, White, Brown , Burgundy, Black, Light Green. 

Soft Matt Beta Colours - Red, Orange, Green, Royal Blue, White, Brown, Black, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Yellow,  Lime,  Pale Blue, Teal and Light Green.



Designed to easily fitted to long eared animals such as Donkeys and Mules, our halter bridle is available in all our Biothane colours and finishes and features.

* Single buckle fastening behind the ears allowing an easy fit.

* PVC waffle padded brow and nose band.

* Stainless Steel/Nickle plated fittings.

* Clip off bit hangers allowing conversion into a halter.

* Easy cleaning, dunk into a bucket of water and wipe off.

Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Can be made to measure if required.

For additional images and images of biothane colours, please click on page image and follow NEXT button.




A set of 25mm wide non stretch, strong, biothane stirrup leathers in colours that are designed to match existing biothane riding tack and riding colours

Available in three length 42" 56" and 62" long, the stirrup leathers have Stainless Steel roller buckles on the ends.

Available in Granite a heavy duty Matt, non bulky biothane material, Translucent Neon and Solid colours.

Please note we do make these leathers in the softer BETA material.




Covered in a soft micro-suede quilted fabric that both looks good and provides a non slip seat, the Toklat Orthopedic Seat Saver features an Orthopedic Foam Ultra Cell inner layer that slowly releases the air providing exceptional high energy impact absorption and uniform weight and pressure distribution with virtually no rebound or bounce effect.

The Seat Saver attaches to the saddle by an elasticated under strap and cantle pocket with two unique elasticated front straps that fasten onto the stirrup bars.

Designed to fit English/General Purpose and Dressage Saddles. Colours Brown Or Black

Dimensions: Front to back 18½" (47cm). Width at the widest seat point 12" (30.5cm). Width at front by Stirrup bar fastenings 7" (18cm).



A range of non stretch stirrup 'leathers' manufactured in strong, lightweight double thickness 25mm (1") webbing.
Supplied as a pair.

Available in Adult 56" long, colour Brown



a simple 60mL syringe, ideal for injecting, electrolytes, vitamins etc into the mouths of horses.


Designed to provide a closer fit to both the saddle and horse and helping to eliminate chaffing and pinching that can occur with some traditional stirrup leathers, the Perfeq range of Single Strap Stirrup Leathers feature.

Top loop for fitting onto stirrup bar.

High strength, non bulky Biothane Granite Material.

Length adjustment by Stainless Steel Conway Loop

Available with an adjustable length from 28" to 21" long



Manufactured from 16mm Biothane and available in a range of up to 35 colours and finishes, our Cross Under bridle provides a gentler alternative to traditional bitted bridles.

Ideal for use on horses that have issues with bits, the Cross Under bridle provides positive head control by the use of the two independent, free moving cross under straps allowing the horses' head to stay upright and turning/stopping more natural.

The bridle has a padded brow and nose band, adjustable cross under ring straps and nose band straps.

Available with either Stainless Steel or Brass fittings and in sizes from Shetland to Extra Full

For images of biothane colours please click the image above.


A set of replacement bit hangers for the Perfeq Halter Bridle or any other bridle that uses this type of bit fixing.

Manufactured from 12mm (½") biothane the Bit Hangers are available in all the Biothane colours to either match an existing bridle or add a contrast colour.

Available with either Brass or Stainless Steel/Nickle plaited fittings.

Heavy Duty 16mm width hangers available on request.

Sizes Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full.


Some one you know have a birthday coming up? Cant find that ellusive present, why not give them a choice with a Performance Equestrian Gift Voucher.

Available in values of £5 onwards, our vouchers are redeemable against any Performance Equestrian products up to and over the value shown.

Valid for one year, our vouchers can be redeemed by either presenting them at one of our trade stands or sending them back to us for verification.

No cash alternative.

Vouchers will be dispatched by Royal Mail Large Letter Recorded Post cost £3.00

Vouchers available from £5.00.


Value +£5.00
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These new Easy Care replacement stirrup treads are designed to fit all versions of their stirrups including the Easy Ride. The raised pimples are designed to provide additional comfort as well as providing better grip in wet and muddy conditions.

Manufactured from a high density foam the treads are easily applied, once the old treads have been removed, by using a rubberised adhesive such as Bostik.

Supplied in pairs.



Our Perfeq Mobile Phone/ Media holder is a handy accessory that can be easily attached to your upper arm.

The holder features:

  •  Adjustable strap to secure onto upper arm.
  • Reflective Detailing around front screen
  • Manufactured from waterproof Neoprene and Elastane.
  • Protective front screen allows touch screen capability for IOS and Android devices.
  • Personal detail patch on back for Name,Phone and Emergency Contact details.
  • Headphone port and storage pocket.

Will accept mobile phones up to 70mm width x 140mm high max.

Available in Black or Lightning Yellow