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Perfeq 2 Part Deluxe Biothane Bridle


Manufactured from 16mm wide biothane, the Performance Equestrian Perfeq, Two part Deluxe, Biothane Bridle is both durable and easy to clean. 
The bridle is manufactured in two parts.

Bridle Part 
This part is made up of the padded brow band and cheek piece strap with attachment to the bit by buckles. 
Poppers by the brow band allow the bridle part to be quickly and simple attached or removed . An additional brow band overlay can be added to enhance the look of the bridle.

For additional comfort there is an option for padding on the Poll part of the Bridle part.

Halter part 
This part consists of the poll strap, throat lash, nose band, link strap and cheek side pieces and is designed to clip together with the bridle part to make a complete bridle. However it can also be used as a head collar. An additional nose band overlay can be added to match the colour of the bridle or brow band overlay.

Advantages of this bridle include
• Available in High Gloss solid, Neon or Matt BETA Biothane materials 
• Large range of colour options 
• Two part bridle allows for multiple colour combinations 
• PVC Foam padded brow band and Nose band
• Removable bridle part converts bridle into a head collar 
• Brass or Stainless Steel/Nickle plated finish fittings. 
• Fully adjustable Throat lash, Side strap, Pol strap, Cheek pieces and chin strap

 Optional Poll padding is available with detachable Comfort Pad

Colours include

Translucent Neon Colours - Neon Red, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Fluorescent Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Cobalt Blue, Neon Sky Blue, Neon Turquoise and Neon Purple.

Full Gloss Solid Colours - Red , Yellow, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Silver, White, Brown , Burgundy, Black, Light Green. 

Soft Matt Beta Colours - Red, Orange, Green, Royal Blue, White, Brown, Black, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Yellow, Lime, Light Green and Teal

Available in Shetland, Pony, Cob, Full and Shire sizes or made to measure.


To expand image size and to see alternative colour combinations double click image and move mouse to left hand side of image.

Please note Lightweight version of this bridle is manufactured from 12mm wide biothane with the exception of both the padded brow and nose bands which are from 16mm wide material.

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Perfeq 2 Part Deluxe Biothane Bridle


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