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A Heavy Duty, lightweight, waterproof mapcase manufactured from clear, flexible PVC with welded side seams.

Easy to carry, the map case can be folded in half and secured by stoppers.

Maps, directions or notes are inserted via the rollover windproof top Velcro closure.

A 20mm wide adjustable webbing strap allow the map case to be easily carried.

Map viewing area when open 11inch (275mm) wide x 11¾inch  (293mm) high
Total map case dimensions when closed 7inches(175mm) wide x 11¾inches (293mm) high


A traditional style mechanical map measurer, ideal for working out distances to check points, crewing points etc.

First check the scale of the map being used.

As an example UK Landranger maps are 1:50,000. Simply place the map measurer on the map and trace the route/course required with the measurer.

Once complete read off the distance from the corresponding scale (1:50000) on the measurer.


A high quality, orienteering compass supplied with lanyard and mounted on a clear perspex back plate. Back plate features magnifying area with side and top distance scales. Luminous compass needle aids viewing in overcast conditions.


Designed to survive the rigours of mountain climbing and fell walking, our showerproof map case features.

- Showerproof fold over closure to keep out the wind and rain
- Unique fold and hold system allowing the map case to be folded over in strong winds
- Easily adjustable webbing strap allowing positioning for a comfortable fit.
- Tie in loop for compass.
- Clear view of map from both sides
- Folds away to just over 170 (7") x 280mm (11")
- Fits most types of maps.

Available colour