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At last a brand new book on Endurance Riding, looking at the current European trends and in particular how the sport is developing across the globe.

Written by one of Europe’s most successful and leading Belgium Endurance rider Leonard Liesens, this book is as up to date as you can get, featuring photographs and comments on the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010.

In this book Leonard has called upon his considerable experience to put together what is probably the definitive manual on modern day Endurance horse riding.
Originally written in French and recently translated into English the book has chapters on the following
• The Definition of Endurance
• The Endurance Horse
• Thye Rider
• Equipment of the horse and rider
• Operation of the “Machine Horse”
• Training the Endurance Horse
• Working on the flat
• Feeding and Complementing
• Daily Routine
• Feet and Shoeing
• Osteopathy, Stretching and Massages
• The Cardiac Monitor
• Carry an Easy Boot
• The Qualifying Test
• Pavement, a necessary evil
• The Open Speed – The Race
• The Vet Gate
• Training to the top level
• To dope or not to dope!
• Training – Return to work
• Essential crewing
• Problems and solutions
• To do and what not to do
• Boo-boos – Big and Small
• The “French system”
• Statistics and thoughts
• And them….How do they do it.

With over 330 pages crammed full of essential information and stunning photographs, and for the first time, the so called “French System” is examined which takes an in depth look at how the very successful French team compete including looking at French Endurance rides such as Montcuq, Florac etc, the young horse programme, the French Endurance Horse breeding programme and the Star system and Indices.


A high quality, orienteering compass supplied with lanyard and mounted on a clear perspex back plate. Back plate features magnifying area with side and top distance scales. Luminous compass needle aids viewing in overcast conditions.


Manufactured in Navy Nylon and Poyester our Bum bag/Waist pack has one large central zippered pocket with a separate smaller, easy access, twin zippered pocket at the front. There is also a small separate zipper fasten side pocket ideal for items such as coins, lip balm etc.

At the rear of the bag there is a fourth zippered pocket running the entire length of the bag, which is ideal for keeping larger important items and information such as  mobile phone and maps etc. A useful exterior swivel clip is also attached to the bag for clipping on small, light,  items such as a compass.

The bag has a fully adjustable webbing belt with plastic clip together buckle.

Colour Navy.

Bag dimensions  
Main compartment (Exterior) width 40cm (15¾”) x height 13cm (5”) depth  8cm (3¼”)
Front compartment (Exterior) width  18cm (7”) x height 12 cm (4¾”) depth 2.5 cm (1”)

Capacity: 2 Litres


Having all the advantages of the original Spirit hat such as  

*  Lightweight construction.
*  Integrated mesh headliner that can be easily removed and washed
*  Mesh covered vents
*  Extended soft tip visor
*  Unique flip fold system that allows the inner lining to be profiled to suit the riders head.

The Spirit riding hat range from Troxel has the additional feature of the GPSII Gripping Positioning System. This system allows the rider to adjust the hat to the correct size by using the rear GPS dial.

Manufactured to ASTM F1163-04a. SEI Certified

Colours: Black, White, Periwinkle and Fuchsia
Size: Small, Medium or Large

Weight: 630g

For images of the other colours in the range click on the page front image and follow via the next button on right hand side of the following image

Size Guide:
Size    Hat Size   Centimeters
Small       6½-6¾         53-56
Medium   6¾-7 1/8      56-59
Large      7 1/8 - 7½     59-62


A traditional style mechanical map measurer, ideal for working out distances to check points, crewing points etc.

First check the scale of the map being used.

As an example UK Landranger maps are 1:50,000. Simply place the map measurer on the map and trace the route/course required with the measurer.

Once complete read off the distance from the corresponding scale (1:50000) on the measurer.


Ideal for use both on and off a horse, the Stowaway Utility belt has 2 separate compartments, making it ideal for carrying a mobile phone, money, keys, maps etc.

Made from showerproof Nylon outer with neoprene internal divider and backed with a fleece padding,for comfort, this belt is low profile and will not get in the way of the saddle.

Waist strap is 2” wide and made from adjustable elastic.

Colour Black

Dimensions: 11” wide x 4” high x 1/2” deep


The Tipperary Sportage riding helmet is our most ventilated, and breathable riding hat in the range.  

Manufactured by Pheonix Products of Canada, the helmet is ultra lightweight, streamlined with a selection of wide front, top and rear nylon mesh covered air vents allowing for maximum air circulation and is ideal for Endurance, TREC, Carriage Driving and riding in hot countries.

Manufactured to ASTM F1163-04a and ASTM F1163-15 (American/Canadian standard) the helmet is SEI certified and marked.

Weighing around 430g the Tipperary helmets have
·         Removable washable inner comfort pads
·         Soft flexible peak for increased safety
·         Adjustable chin strap with 4 point leather harness for increased comfort and fit.
·         Available in 7 colours
·         Reflective rear trim for increased visibility in low light conditions.
·         Additional liner pads for a customised, comfort fit
·         Supplied with handy storage bag.

Available in sizes Extra Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Now available in Pink, Purple, Electric Blue, White, Carbon Grey, Navy and Plain Matt Black.

Please note we are currently out of stock of Medium - Purple and Large - Black

For additional images and colours please click the above image then the NEXT button on the right hand side of the next image.

Sizing information:
Size                                        Head circumference                   Hat size

Extra Small                              19½-19 7/8” (50-51cm)             6¼-63/8

Small                                      20½-20¾” (52-53cm)                 6½-65/8

Medium                                   21 1/8-21½” (54-55cm)              6¾-67/8


Large                                      21 7/8" - 22¼" (56-57cm)           7-71/8

Extra Large                              22 5/8-23 7/8” (58-61cm)           7¼-75/8



This handy 75ml bottle, with its sponge applicator, is designed to remove stains and dirt from all Suede and Nubuck materials.

Ideal for use on Ariat Terrain, Terrain Pro and Telluride boots.


Available in two sizes the Performance Equestrian round pencil case style saddle bags are manufactured in black heavy weight, waterproof, breathable, nylon cordura and features:

*  Top mounted zip, allowing ease of access even during riding.
*  Fitted end loops with clips allowing for attachment to either saddle front or rear d rings.
*  Compact design ideal for single or multi day rides.

Available in Red

Size 1 90 dia x 255 long


Designed to survive the rigours of mountain climbing and fell walking, our showerproof map case features.

- Showerproof fold over closure to keep out the wind and rain
- Unique fold and hold system allowing the map case to be folded over in strong winds
- Easily adjustable webbing strap allowing positioning for a comfortable fit.
- Tie in loop for compass.
- Clear view of map from both sides
- Folds away to just over 170 (7") x 280mm (11")
- Fits most types of maps.

Available colour


A Heavy Duty, lightweight, waterproof mapcase manufactured from clear, flexible PVC with welded side seams.

Easy to carry, the map case can be folded in half and secured by stoppers.

Maps, directions or notes are inserted via the rollover windproof top Velcro closure.

A 20mm wide adjustable webbing strap allow the map case to be easily carried.

Map viewing area when open 11inch (275mm) wide x 11¾inch  (293mm) high
Total map case dimensions when closed 7inches(175mm) wide x 11¾inches (293mm) high


The Equine Inzone ride on monitor comprises of the watch Receiver and Electrode belt/Transmitter set. The transmitter belt is attached to the horse by adjustable rubber straps, with the data being transmitted from the electrode belt to the watch allowing riders to view the real time heart rate of the horse whilst riding.

The Receiver watch, once the transmitter belt is connected, will display the horse's heart rate whilst riding or training. The watch also has the ability to set High and Low heart rate limits with a selectable audible alarm. This feature is ideal when training as the rider/trainer can set a training regime to monitor and control the fitness over time.

The Receiver watch is water resistant to 30Mtrs and when not connected to the monitor will act as a normal watch displaying Time, Day and Date information. Another useful feature is that the Average Heart Rate for the session can be displayed at the end of the ride/training session.

Additional Sulky extension kit is available for use with driving/carriage horses.

To ensure a good contact to the horses' skin,and correct heart rate reading, the use of an e.c.g. gel is recommended on the electrodes.


Originally designed for Western riders and now completely re-engineered the new Troxel Western Sierra Helmet is designed for riding extremes, whether Trail riding or just hacking out.

With its excellent ventillation and mesh covered vents this rugged but lightweight helmet has a Cordura and Leather outer and features the new CinchFit Pro auto adjustment sizing system.

This stylish riding helmet features.

* Self locking magnetic chin buckle.

* Low profile

* In moulded polycarbonate shell (the outer and inner parts of this helmets are moulded together)

* Flip Fold micro adjustment inner padding system

* CinchFit pro helmet adjustment, automatically alters to head size via two settings.

* Mesh covered vents

Manufactured to ASTM F-1163-04A. SEI Certified

Size: Small or Large (currently out of stock of Medium)

Weight: 590g

Size Guide:        Size                         Hat Size
Small                  up to 22"                up to 7
Medium               22-22¾"                 7-7¼
Large                  22¾+                     7¼+


The key to getting consistant results from Equine Heart Rate monitors is to ensure that the electrodes are in direct contact with the skin of the horse. Usually this can be achieved by wetting the horse in the area of the electrodes, however there are occasions when coat conditions make this more difficult, in these cases a conductive gel can be used.

E.c.g. Gel is used extensively throughout the medical profession as a highly conductive electrode solution for use on E.C.G equipment.

Supplied in a large 250g tube the gel is water based and easily removed after applying.



An essential item to be carried at all times, our survival blanket is manufactured from Kelvalite, with heat reflecting surfaces on both sides.

Measures only 85 x 85 mm folded but expands to a massive 2.2 x 1.5 Mtrs when opened. Ideal for use on rider or horse.


Originally designed for Western riders and now completely re-engineered the new Troxel Western Sierra Helmet is designed for riding extremes, whether Trail riding or just hacking out.

With its excellent ventillation and mesh covered vents this rugged but lightweight helmet has a Cordura and Leather outer and features the new CinchFit Pro auto adjustment sizing system.

This stylish riding helmet features.

* Self locking magnetic chin buckle.

* Low profile

* In moulded polycarbonate shell (the outer and inner parts of this helmets are moulded together)

* Flip Fold micro adjustment inner padding system

* CinchFit pro helmet adjustment, automatically alters to head size via two settings.

* Mesh covered vents

Manufactured to ASTM F-1163-04A. SEI Certified

Size: Small (currently out of stock of Medium and Large)


Weight: 590g

Size Guide:           Size            Hat Size
Small                   up to 22"      up to 7
Medium                22-22¾"       7-7¼
Large                   22¾+           7¼


A high quality, single scope nurse style stethoscope in a corrosion resistant chromium finish.

Provides a quick and simple way to check your horse's heart rate at Start and Finish of competitions


This newest addition to our riding hat range has a modern, matt finish one piece shell design and features:

  • Rear dial adjuster to ensure the rider achieves the optimum fit.
  • Sleek channel design to allow optimum airflow and cooling.
  • Removable mesh lining to allow cleaning and increase airflow if requires.
  • Lightweight, stylish design.

Typical weight 400-500g depending on size.

Manufactured to ASTM F-1163-15 Standard with SEI approval the helmet also has CE and VG1.01.040 2014-12 approval. See separate image for inner label details by clicking on the image and following NEXT on the right hand side

Colour Black

Helmet sizing

Size               Fits head size

Small             48-52cm

Medium          52-57cm

Large             57--61cm




The Polar T31 transmitter/electrode set can be used with either the Horse Belt or Test Handles or as a spare/replacement for the Vet Check transmitter.

Comes complete with human belt set.


Ideal for Vet gates and holds the Polar Vet/Health Check monitor eliminates the need for stethoscopes.

The monitor comprises of a transmitter/electrode with a handle and an FT1 watch receiver.

The combined electrode/transmitter is placed by the horses heart and the watch receiver button pushed. The display will give a heart pulsing indication and reading after 5-10 seconds.

The electrode/transmitter can be easily removed from the handle and fitted to the Horse
Belt allowing the heart to be continually monitored whilst the horse is either walked or rested.

To ensure a good contact the transmitter/electrode handle needs a sound contact with the skin of the horse around the heart area. This can be achieved by applying lots of water around the contact area. Alternatively a ECG gel can be applied to the electrodes on the handle before placing onto the heart area.


A simple to use electronic thermometer, scaled in Centrigrade with an audible alarm. Gives a quick and accurate reading over 200 hours of constant operation.


The Polar Equine H7 is a digital, sensor belt set that is compatible with with a wide variety of Bluetooth devices. The set comprises of a textile belt with integral electrodes and a removable H7 wireless data transmitter that should be removed before washing the belt.

It is ideal for monitoring your horse's heart rate for longer periods of time for instance when exercising or lunging.
The transmitter module comes with user changeable batteries.

The maximum distance to ensure a good wireless connection between your watch style receiver and the sensor belt is 10Mtrs.

The sensor belt is compatible with iPhone 4S and later and a selection of Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 using Android 4.3 or later versions.

It is also compatible with the following Polar devices and technologies.

CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400, F4, F6, F7, F11, F55, FS2c, FS3c, FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7,M400, FT40, FT60, FT80, Polar Loop, Polar Move, RCX5, RS100, RS200, RS300X, RS400, V800.

Please note this product is just the sensor belt and not a complete monitor.


A rider Medical card holder manufactured from Black Nylon Cordura with a large clear front.

The holder is accessed by a top velcro fastened fold over flap and can be attached to either arm or leg by an elasticated velcro strap.

Ideal for TREC and Eventing.

The holder is available in Black.

Actual size135mm (5¼") wide  x 176mm (7") high

Usable visible card window 115mm (4½") wide x 130mm (5¼") high


Supplied complete with ½ litre sports style water bottle, our own brand Performance Equestrian water bottle holders come in a variety of colours to match either riding gear or tack.

Simply fitted onto a front or rear saddle d ring by the metallic top swivel clip, the holder also has an adjustable bottom webbing strap that can be simply attached to the stirrup leathers or girth.

Made from lightweight, waterproof, nylon, the bottle holder has an insulated foam inner to ensure that the bottle contents are kept either hot/cold depending on the application.



Available in  Green, Navy, Red and Burgundy


Covered in a soft micro-suede quilted fabric that both looks good and provides a non slip seat, the Toklat Orthopedic Seat Saver features an Orthopedic Foam Ultra Cell inner layer that slowly releases the air providing exceptional high energy impact absorption and uniform weight and pressure distribution with virtually no rebound or bounce effect.

The Seat Saver attaches to the saddle by an elasticated under strap and cantle pocket with two unique elasticated front straps that fasten onto the stirrup bars.

Designed to fit English/General Purpose and Dressage Saddles. Colours Brown Or Black

Dimensions: Front to back 18½" (47cm). Width at the widest seat point 12" (30.5cm). Width at front by Stirrup bar fastenings 7" (18cm).


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