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Manufactured by Easy Care in the states from a robust, lightweight moulding the stirrups are supplied without safety cages. For the safety caged version, see other items.

With a 20mm(¾") thick, raised grip, shock absorbing foam the large 100mm (4") x 125mm(5") foot pad gives increased foot support, excellent grip and weight distribution and helps deadens any transmitted shock.

Further shock absorption is achieved via a shock deadening top bar system.

The stirrup fits all standard leather, synthetic and webbing leathers/Fenders with the top header bar available in widths to suit standard English leathers of 1-1½" or Western Fenders of either 2, 2½" or 3" widths

Colour Black
(price per pair)

Foot pad area: 125mm(5") wide x 100mm(4") deep
Width at widest point: 165mm(6½")
Height: 195mm(7½")
Depth with cages fitted:170mm(6½")
Weight each: 335g, 420g


Designed to provide a closer fit to both the saddle and horse and helping to eliminate chaffing and pinching that can occur with some traditional stirrup leathers, the Perfeq range of Single Strap Stirrup Leathers feature.

Top loop for fitting onto stirrup bar.

High strength, non bulky Biothane Granite Material.

Length adjustment by Stainless Steel Conway Loop

Available with an adjustable length from 28" to 21" long



A set of 25mm wide non stretch, strong, biothane stirrup leathers in colours that are designed to match existing biothane riding tack and riding colours

Available in three length 42" 56" and 62" long, the stirrup leathers have Stainless Steel roller buckles on the ends.

Available in Granite a heavy duty Matt, non bulky biothane material, Translucent Neon and Solid colours.

Please note we do make these leathers in the softer BETA material.




A pair of replacement Easy Care Soft tread stirrup,  comfort top bars. The stirrup top bar has a four segment inner construction, which acts as a shock absorber designed to reduce bounce and deaden the shock transmitted by the horse.

Available in four width 1-1½” (standard as fitted to our stirrups), 2” (Ideal for wider Western style fenders), 2½” (For wider Western style fenders) and 3” (For larger Western style fenders).

The comfort top bars come complete with High Tensile Stainless Steel Bolts and Lock Nuts.


A range of non stretch stirrup 'leathers' manufactured in strong, lightweight double thickness 25mm (1") webbing.
Supplied as a pair.

Available in Adult 56" long, colour Brown