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At last a brand new book on Endurance Riding, looking at the current European trends and in particular how the sport is developing across the globe.

Written by one of Europe’s most successful and leading Belgium Endurance rider Leonard Liesens, this book is as up to date as you can get, featuring photographs and comments on the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010.

In this book Leonard has called upon his considerable experience to put together what is probably the definitive manual on modern day Endurance horse riding.
Originally written in French and recently translated into English the book has chapters on the following
• The Definition of Endurance
• The Endurance Horse
• Thye Rider
• Equipment of the horse and rider
• Operation of the “Machine Horse”
• Training the Endurance Horse
• Working on the flat
• Feeding and Complementing
• Daily Routine
• Feet and Shoeing
• Osteopathy, Stretching and Massages
• The Cardiac Monitor
• Carry an Easy Boot
• The Qualifying Test
• Pavement, a necessary evil
• The Open Speed – The Race
• The Vet Gate
• Training to the top level
• To dope or not to dope!
• Training – Return to work
• Essential crewing
• Problems and solutions
• To do and what not to do
• Boo-boos – Big and Small
• The “French system”
• Statistics and thoughts
• And them….How do they do it.

With over 330 pages crammed full of essential information and stunning photographs, and for the first time, the so called “French System” is examined which takes an in depth look at how the very successful French team compete including looking at French Endurance rides such as Montcuq, Florac etc, the young horse programme, the French Endurance Horse breeding programme and the Star system and Indices.