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A handy 60g syringe of ProKalm, that can be applied directly into the mouth of the horse and designed to reduce the effects of anxiety, stress and challenging behaviour in horses without sedation.

Ideal for use before clipping, shoeing, travelling etc, ProKalm will not negatively affect movement or performance of the horse.

Taking effect within 30 minutes of administering, ProKalm lasts between 2-4 hours and can either be given as a “one off” application for difficult situations or used in conjunction with ProKalm powder on a twice daily basis with feed.

This proven alternative to ACP (AcePromazine) can be given to Stallions, Mares, Geldings, Colts and Fillies and is ideal for any Horse or Pony.

This product has been tested for the Prohibited Substances Caffeine, Theophylline, Theobromine, Hyoscine, Hordenine, Morphine and Atropine before being relesed for sale.

Does not contravene FEI rules, the Rules of Racing or UK National Rules of Competition.

Recommended intake

Pony - approximately 250Kg              ½ syringe

Horse - approximately 500Kg             ½-1 syringe

Large Horse - approximately 750Kg    ½-1 syringe


Horses lose a significant quantity of electrolytes (maily sodium, chloride and potassium) through sweating which is increased when exercising in the heat. To maintain a horse's peak health and performance these losses must be replaced by either daily diet or other means.
To maintain the balance, electrolytes can be added to the feed, but horses often find these unpallatable and can boycott the feed if these are introduced. Using an electrolyte paste ensures that the horse recives the electrolytes needed as they are administered directly into the mouth.
This method is particulatly useful immediately before or after competition or during prolonged events such as Endurance or Eventing.
Supplied in 1 60g syringe, the Science Supplement Electrolyte  has been formulated into a pallatable paste with added glucose syrup and peppermint to ensure that all the required electrolytes are administered easily and cleanly.
The Electrolyte can be use prior to, during and following competition and can help reduce electrolyte sweat loss during prolonged travel.
It is importatant when using electrolytes to take into consideration the horses' relative rate of sweating, the prevailing weather conditions and the amount of water that has been drunk.
Batch tested for caffeine and theobromine