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Maintaining blood glucose concentration during exercise is vital as an energy source for the working muscles and brain. During prolonged exercise blood glucose levels begin to deplete seriously affect performance.  
Energex helps to maintain the glucose levels by providing a readily available source of carbohydrate.  

Used as a recovery aid following hard work Energex is made from disaccharide a slow release type of sugar not normally found in the diet of a horse.  Once digested this sugar is released and converted to gluocose to top up the levels in the bloodstream.  
Suitable for any horse or pony undertaking prolonged exercise such as Endurance, Racing or Eventing, Energex can also be used prior to short bouts of exercise such as Showing and Show Jumping where exercise is repeated over several days of competition.  


Energex can be given at any time during competition but for best results it should be administered 30 minutes prior to the start.

For Endurance horses a minimum of half syringe should be orally injected at each early Vet Gate and a full syringe per Vet Gate later in the race

Syringe size 60g

6-0-a-D-glucopyranosyl-D-fructofuranose, monohydrate (disaccharide)


With either Brass or Stainless Steel/Nickel plated fittings, our Perfeq Running Martingale/Standing attachment is manufactured from 16mm Biothane and is designed to clip onto the centre ring of the Biothane Hunting Breastplate.

Both martingale legs are adjustable with the rings being removable to allow conversion to a standing attachment if required.

Available in Sizes from Shetland to Extra Full

Colours include

Translucent Neon Colours - Neon Red, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Fluorescent Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Cobalt Blue, Neon Sky Blue, Neon Turquoise and Neon Purple.

Full Gloss Solid Colours - Red , Yellow, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Silver, White, Brown , Burgundy, Black, Light Green. 

Soft Matt Beta Colours - Red, Orange, Green, Royal Blue, White, Brown, Black, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Yellow,  Lime,  Pale Blue, Teal and Light Green.



A traditional style mechanical map measurer, ideal for working out distances to check points, crewing points etc.

First check the scale of the map being used.

As an example UK Landranger maps are 1:50,000. Simply place the map measurer on the map and trace the route/course required with the measurer.

Once complete read off the distance from the corresponding scale (1:50000) on the measurer.


Manufactured from lightweight 12mm wide biothane, the Performance Equestrian Perfeq,  Biothane Halter Bridle is both durable and easy to clean.

Biothane bridles have the advantages of being strong and lightweight and available in a wide range stunning colours to match your other riding equipment.
Other advantages of the bridle include
• PVC Foam padded brow and nose band
• Removable cheek pieces for conversion into a head collar
• Choice of fittings
• Removable nose band, cheek pieces and link strap allows addition of a hackamore nose band and irons converting the bridle for a bit-less application
• Fully adjustable Throat lash, Side strap, Cheek pieces and Curb strap

Colours include

Translucent Neon Colours - Neon Red, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Fluorescent Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Cobalt Blue, Neon Sky Blue, Neon Turquoise and Neon Purple.

Full Gloss Solid Colours - Red , Yellow, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Silver, White, Brown , Burgundy, Black, Light Green. 

Soft Matt Beta Colours - Red, Orange, Green, Royal Blue, White, Dark Brown, Mid Brown, Tan, Black, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Yellow, Lime, Pale Blue, Teal, Light Green

Available in Shetland, Pony, Cob, Full and Shire sizes or made to measure.

The majority of our biothane bridles are manufactured to order, please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

Please note this Lightweight bridle is manufactured from 12mm wide biothane with the exception of both the padded brow and nose bands which are from 16mm wide material.

Also note that if you are using a Continental style gag type bit we would advise that you consider the Perfeq 2 Part Bridle due to the potentially short bit hangers straps that may be required to fit the bridle correctly.

Yes+ £13.50
Yes+ £41.50

Manufactured in 19mm wide biothane with a soft black PVC waffle padding our range of High Visibility Padded brow bands are available in Matt and Gloss Biothane with a Reflective grey centre stripe.

Ideal as either a replacement or alternative Winter brow band on either leather or synthetic bridles.

Excellent for providing high visibility on roads and tracks when riding out in overcast days early mornings and late evenings.

Supplied with either 2" end loops and wire splitter loops or poppers for use with 2 part bridles or as a removable brow band.

Available in Pony (15"), Cob (16.5"), Full/Horse (17.5"), Extra Full/Shire (18.5") Other sizes available on request.

Colours include Fluorescent/Reflective: Cerise (Hot) Pink, Electric (Pale) Blue, Orange. Neon Lime Green


The Tipperary Sportage riding helmet is our most ventilated, and breathable riding hat in the range.  

Manufactured by Pheonix Products of Canada, the helmet is ultra lightweight, streamlined with a selection of wide front, top and rear nylon mesh covered air vents allowing for maximum air circulation and is ideal for Endurance, TREC, Carriage Driving and riding in hot countries.

Manufactured to ASTM F1163-04a and ASTM F1163-15 (American/Canadian standard) the helmet is SEI certified and marked.

Weighing around 430g the Tipperary helmets have
·         Removable washable inner comfort pads
·         Soft flexible peak for increased safety
·         Adjustable chin strap with 4 point leather harness for increased comfort and fit.
·         Available in 7 colours
·         Reflective rear trim for increased visibility in low light conditions.
·         Additional liner pads for a customised, comfort fit
·         Supplied with handy storage bag.

Available in sizes Extra Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Now available in Pink, Purple, Electric Blue, White, Carbon Grey, Navy and Plain Matt Black.

Please note we are currently out of stock of Medium - Purple and Large - Black

For additional images and colours please click the above image then the NEXT button on the right hand side of the next image.

Sizing information:
Size                                        Head circumference                   Hat size

Extra Small                              19½-19 7/8” (50-51cm)             6¼-63/8

Small                                      20½-20¾” (52-53cm)                 6½-65/8

Medium                                   21 1/8-21½” (54-55cm)              6¾-67/8


Large                                      21 7/8" - 22¼" (56-57cm)           7-71/8

Extra Large                              22 5/8-23 7/8” (58-61cm)           7¼-75/8



This handy 75ml bottle, with its sponge applicator, is designed to remove stains and dirt from all Suede and Nubuck materials.

Ideal for use on Ariat Terrain, Terrain Pro and Telluride boots.


A simple knotted rope halter designed to fit most horses.

Strategically placed knots apply the right amount of pressure when needed.

Please click on image for additional colour options.

Available in 3 Sizes
Size 1 - To fit Pony or Small Arab

Size 2 - To fit Cob/Arab

Size 3 - To fit Large Cob/Full size Horse

Colours Black, Green, Sky Blue, Red,


Manufactured from 100% sheepskin, this girth sleeve is a straight tube of super soft sheepskin. Available in either 60cm (24") or 80 cm (32") long. The sleeve diameter is 12cm (5") inside diameter.

Available in Natural, Black or Brown (80cm length only)

Machine Washable


A slightly heavier weight fabric to our Cool Polo Shirt, our Ladies piped polo range has been manufactured using a CoolPlus fibre which helps to prevent the fabric sticking to the skin after riding.

Specifically cut for a Ladies tailored fit, the range comes in a variety of colours with contrasting piped detailing along side panels, cuffs and raglan sleeve.

Material 100% Polyester with Coolplus fibre.

We can print Team Logos on Arms and Chest. Please forward images in a j.peg or eps style file format under a separate email to us at steve@performance-equestrian.com.

Colour options include Black with White Piping, Navy with White Piping, Royal with White Piping, Purple with Black Piping.


Small size 10

Medium Size 12

Large Size 14

Extra Large Size 16



Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £9.00
Yes+ £9.00

A range Brass and Stainless Steel  Conway loops  to fit either  12mm (½”) or 16mm (5/8”) wide biothane material.

The 12mm width loops are fitted to our lightweight supergrip reins with the 16mm loops being used on our Perfeq range of bridles.


Designed to fit under the saddle these soft, lightweight, pliable, gel filled shock absorbing pads have a tough neoprene outer and are filled with a flexible polyurethane gel that is designed to move with the horse, thus helping to eliminate rubs and sores.

These high wither style pads are designed to provide wither as well as back protection.

The profile of this pad has been specifically designed for use with Dressage saddles and to provide the maximum protection for the horses back during Dressage competitions and Training, but can be used with General Purpose saddles with a similar profile.


Colour Black.
Size: 58cm long x 48cm wide  
Weight 1.8Kg


Ideal for use both on and off a horse, the Stowaway Utility belt has 2 separate compartments, making it ideal for carrying a mobile phone, money, keys, maps etc.

Made from showerproof Nylon outer with neoprene internal divider and backed with a fleece padding,for comfort, this belt is low profile and will not get in the way of the saddle.

Waist strap is 2” wide and made from adjustable elastic.

Colour Black

Dimensions: 11” wide x 4” high x 1/2” deep


These shock absorbing weighted gel pads are designed to fit under the saddle and provide additional weight to riding tack, to allow riders to compete in certain competitions e.g. FEI Endurance rides, horse races etc.

The pads are manufactured from a neoprene outer and are filled with a soft, flexible polyurethane gel that is impregnated with lead powder, allowing the pads to be ordered to specific weights.

When placed between the horses' back and the saddle, the soft flexible properties of the gel acts as a shock absorbing layer helping to protect the back from pressure points and rubbing.

Colour: Black



Manufactured from Cool-Dry a new fabric that is both quick drying and breathable. This fabric has a 15-45% faster drying rate than traditional Cotton based fabrics, with tiny micro holes to allow moisture removal and keeping the skin dry.

The material is also designed not to shrink or distort even after washing.

Ideal for use as a base layer in cooler weather or as sun protection during warmer days the Base Layer can be printed along each arm with Horse, Team or Rider names in Black for White Base layers and in White for Navy and Black base layers.

Available in White, Navy and Black

Sizes Small (10), Medium (12), Large (14), Extra Large (16)


We are having a clear out of our Perfeq Air Mesh chaps and deleting some of the colour and size options available.

These chaps are manufactured from an Air Mesh fabric with a washable Amara Suede surround.

For full details of these chaps please see Perfeq Airmesh Chaps page

Size selection Chart

Size Inside leg mm/inches Calf mm/inches

X Small 370 (14 1/2”) 275 (11”)

Small 370 (14 1/2”) 300 (12”)

Medium 380 (15”) 310 (12 1/2”)

Large 410 (16”) 330 (13”)

X Large 410 (16”) 345 (14”)

Discontinued colours include Pink, White, Lilac, Lime, Green and Olive Green.

Colour/size availability

Pink - Extra Small

White - Extra Small, Large

Green - Extra Small, Large

Olive Green - Extra Small.

We are also discontinuing our Extra Small and Extra Large size options on our standard air mesh chaps range.

Colours and size availability includes

Fluorescent Yellow - Extra Small only

Brown -  Extra Large

Yellow - Extra Small and Extra Large

Purple - Extra Small only

Burgundy - Extra Small and Extra Large

Navy - Extra Small and Extra Large

Red - Extra Small and Extra Large

Royal - Extra Small and Extra Large


Manufactured from the same technical fabric (Neoteric) as the Ladies tailored fit Polo shirts, the Unisex polo shirt is available in larger sizes and are ideal for Men and Ladies that don't like tight fitting polo shirts but want the comfort and breathability that this technical fabric provides.

Available in 13 colours the polo can be heat transfer branded with either rider, team or horse on back, left and/or right arm and left and/or right chest upto a maximum of 15 characters.

Individual logos, in White, can also be added up to a maximum of size of 60 x 60cm.

For multiple shirts please contact us for group quantity discount.

Please note delivery time on branded Polo shirts is 5-7 days.

For images of the different shirt colours please click on the main image, where a separate window will open. Click the next on the right hand side to view all the colours.

Available colours include:French Navy, Jet Black, Fire Red, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Purple, Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue, Sun Yellow, Burgundy, Orange Crush, (Hi Viz) Electric Orange, (Hi Viz) Electric Yellow.

Sizes Small to fit chest to 38", Medium to fit chest to 40", Large to fit chest to 43", Extra Large to fit chest to 45"

Also available in kids sizes, please contact us for details.

Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £4.00
Yes+ £9.00

A Bulk Pack of 10 x 60g Oral Syringes of Energex Energy Booster.  

Maintaining blood glucose concentration during exercise is vital as an energy source for the working muscles and brain. During prolonged exercise blood glucose levels begin to deplete seriously affect performance.  
Energex helps to maintain the glucose levels by providing a readily available source of carbohydrate.

For Endurance horses a minimum of a half a syringe should be fed at each early Vet Gate and a whole syringe per Vet Gate later in the race.

6-0-a-D-glucopyranosyl-D-fructofuranose, monohydrate (disaccharide)  

Nutrient Specification per 60g = 100% Disaccharide  


A handy black webbing strap which, when looped through the stirrup leather provides an extra securing point for saddle mounted equipment.

Total strap length 190mm



Designed to survive the rigours of mountain climbing and fell walking, the Lowe Alpine rainproof map case features.

- A Twin, rainproof, fold over closure to keep out the wind and rain

- Press studs to allow the map case to be folded in half.

- Easily adjustable 20mm wide webbing strap allowing positioning for a comfortable fit.

- Large viewing area when open, typically 26 x 27.5cm

- Clear view of map from both sides

- Folds away to just over 160 (6½") High x 290cm (11½") Wide

- Fits most types of maps.

Colour Black/Transparent

Weight .124Kg