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Manufactured from 16mm Biothane and available in a range of up to 35 colours and finishes, our Cross Under bridle provides a gentler alternative to traditional bitted bridles.

Ideal for use on horses that have issues with bits, the Cross Under bridle provides positive head control by the use of the two independent, free moving cross under straps allowing the horses' head to stay upright and turning/stopping more natural.

The bridle has a padded brow and nose band, adjustable cross under ring straps and nose band straps.

Available with either Stainless Steel or Brass fittings and in sizes from Shetland to Extra Full

For images of biothane colours please click the image above.


With many riders having to use some form of public roads to reach good riding, its even more important to be seen when on a horse.

Ideal for riding in low light conditions these Trail Grip High Visibility Reins are manufactured from 5/8" (16mm) wide Matt Orange Biothane, a synthetic, webbing cored material, and have a woven Nylon and Rubber Trail Grip with a Reflective strip incorporated in the material.

Available with either Stainless Steel or Brass fittings and either buckle or swivel (parrot) clip bit connection, the reins can be supplied with or without a central buckle.

The reins are available Shetland (48"), Pony (52"), Cob/Arab (56"), Full (62") and Extra Full (66"), but other lengths are available on request. Please note rein length is measured from the centre point to the end of one rein leg.


Ideal for riding out in the early morning or at dusk, our Neon Orange Fluorescent/Reflective Hackamore replacement straps include an adjustable padded noseband and adjustable chin strap and are designed to fit onto existing hackamore irons with a fixing slot or ring of 19mm such as our S Hack and Lightweight style Hackamore Irons.

Available in 3 top nose pad lengths, to suit different horse types.

Shetland/Small Pony - 6"

Pony/Cob/Arab - 8"

Horse/Full/Extra Full - 10"

Available in : Matt Orange Reflective, Gloss Orange Reflective, Matt Electric Blue Reflective, Matt Hot Pink Reflective, Matt Electric Yellow Reflectiveand Matt Black Reflective.

For non reflective replacement straps please see other listing.

Fittings are Stainless Steel, but Brass is available on request.





Manufactured in 19mm wide biothane with a soft black PVC waffle padding our range of High Visibility Padded brow bands are available in Matt Biothane with a Reflective grey centre stripe.

Ideal as either a replacement or alternative Winter brow band on either leather or synthetic bridles.

Excellent for providing high visibility on roads and tracks when riding out in overcast days early mornings and late evenings.

Supplied with either 2" end loops and wire splitter loops or poppers for use with 2 part bridles or as a removable brow band.

Available in Pony (15"), Cob (16.5"), Full/Horse (17.5"), Extra Full/Shire (18.5") Other sizes available on request.

Colours include Fluorescent/Reflective: Cerise (Hot) Pink, Electric (Pale) Blue, Gloss and Matt Orange. Lime Green, Gloss and Matt Navy, Matt Black.