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Where to visit the Performance Equestrian show stand

Red Dragon Festival of Endurance
Royal Welsh Showground
September 29, 2017 - October 1, 2017
All Day

The route is grass and heather on rolling plateaux with a couple of serious hills. Fast going and wonderful views for those with time to admire. Estimated % of tarmac : Some on all routes but mostly on the 27km PR route.

Classes from 27Km Pleasure to 160Km (2 day)

Carrington, Lincolnshire
October 6, 2017 - October 8, 2017
All Day

Flat bridleways, private tracks and riverbanks. Quiet lanes with good verges. Estimated % of tarmac: 5%

Classes from 16Km Pleasure to 172Km (3 day elevator)