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A couple of pairs of our water repellent riding tights remain.

They are plain without padding  in Navy Medium


Our Perfeq brow bands are manufactured from 16mm wide biothane with a soft, PVC waffle padding on the back and are designed as a replacement/spare brow bands to suit our Perfeq range of biothane bridles or any other manufacturers bridle.  

Our single loop brow bands are designed to fit either our C bit bridles and Simple bridles (without the throat lash). They are available with either small loops for straps up to 16mm wide or large loops for up to 35mm wide such as those found on traditional Leather bridles

Double loop brow bands fit our Halter bridles, Hackamore bridles and Simple bridles (with the throat lash) and have a large 35mm loop with either Brass or Plated metallic splitter loops.

The Popper style of brow bands are designed to fit our 2 part Deluxe bridles, with Poppers available in either Brass or Stainless Steel
When ordering the brow bands please check the total length you require from the end of the loop to the other end of the loop, our standard sizes are shown below. Other smaller or larger sizes are available, please contact us for details.

Colours include

Translucent Neon Colours - Neon Red, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Flourescent Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Cobalt Blue, Neon Sky Blue, Neon Turquoise and Neon Purple.

Full Gloss Solid Colours - Red , Yellow, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Silver, White, Brown , Burgundy, Black, Light Green. 

Soft Matt Beta Colours - Red, Orange, Green, Royal Blue, White, Brown, Black, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Yellow,  Lime,  Pale Blue, Teal and Light Green.



A range of V Style Brow Bands with Native American webbing overlays on 16mm wide biothane with a soft EVA foam lining on the back for added comfort.

These webbing overlays are available in a variety of patterns and can be added onto any colour biothane with the option of having a different coloured EVA Lining on the back.

The Brow Bands are available with either a single 20mm loop for single strap bridles, 35mm loop for standard split strap leather bridles, 35mm plain loop with splitter loop for twin strap bridles or with eiter Brass or St. Steel Poppers to fit our 2 Part bridles.

The overlay patterns include: Badlands, Windriver, Black Hills, Praire Dust, Desert Moon and Desert Sun and can be seen by clicking on the image and the NEXT button on the right hand side of the image.

The EVA lining is available in a variety of colours including: Black, White, Royal, Red, Orange and Lime.


A detachable, soft, PVC Waffle Comfort Pad, providing addition padding on any of our range of biothane bridles. With twin Velcro fastening the pad is available in various lengths in Black.

Ideal as additional poll padding on our 2 part Deluxe and Halter Bridles and Hackamores.

Pad width 40mm

Available lengths 7", 8", 10" 12"


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