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Manufactured from ripstop nylon with a showerproof urethane backing the English saddle pack has foam-padded bottom panel linings with a durable soft short pile fleece to protect both saddle and horse from the weight of the pack's contents.

Designed to fit any English or Endurance saddle. The pack features.

* Five large compartments to store essemtial riding equipment
* Two insulated water bottle holders complete with ½ ltr water bottles, one each side.
* Specially designed cantle sleeve that fits over the saddle to keep the pack clear of the horses's back.
* Nylon straps with reinforced tab end for tying down a coat or securing contents.

The bottom of the pack secures to the girth with velco style straps for a no bounce fit.

Available in Navy and Royal


Manufactured from 16mm or 19mm Biothane our Single Grip reins are both lightweight and incredibly flexible.

The reins feature a standard Biothane outer, available in a multiple of colours and finishes, with a small pimpled rubber under grip.

Available with either a Parrot clip, or buckle, bit connection, the reins are available in either Stainless Steel or Brass fittings.

A central buckle is also available

Sizes available include, Shetland, Pony, Cob/Arab, Full and Extra Full

Option available for matching rein/martingale stops

Yes+ £5.50

A range of replacement Swivel hooks with side operating, for use on a range of equipment such as reins, bridles, dog leads and straps.
See below for the various clips and their applications

SH-Brass16 - A Brass side operating swivel hook suitable for use on 16mm wide synthetic materials. Used on Perfeq Plaited rope reins.

SH-Plated16 - A Nickel plated side operating swivel hook suitable for use on 16mm wide synthetic materials. Used on Libbys Rubber Grip reins, Perfeq Plaited rope reins.


An essential item to be carried at all times, our survival blanket is manufactured from Kelvalite, with heat reflecting surfaces on both sides.

Measures only 85 x 85 mm folded but expands to a massive 2.2 x 1.5 Mtrs when opened. Ideal for use on rider or horse.


Manufactured by Irideon in the States these cooler weather riding breeches  has a soft fleecy Polartec Power Stetch, lining that provides both warmth and insulation, whilst riding.

Designed and patterned in the saddle for a perfect fit, the Powerstretch breeches have no chafe, overlocked edge stitched seams for a flattering, tailored look.

The breeches also have:

·         Chamisoft anti-slip knee patches
·         Wide 1½” anti-roll waistband for comfort  
·         Gripper elastic at ankles

Available in  Expresso Brown, Small and Medium, Navy Large and Extra Large and Black Extra Large

Size chart

Size                 Waist             Hips
Small                26-27”           36-37”
Medium            28-29”           38-39”
Large              30½-32”          40½-42” 
X Large            33½-37½         43½-45”


With a 5oz quilt and a lighweight half wool lining, this pad is ideal for all types of equestrian pursuits.

Shaped to stay in place, the pad fits well up into the gullet of the saddle for a perfect fit.

Half wool lining gives a high level of protection over the saddle pressure points.

Available to suit General Purpose saddles.

Available Colours and Sizes.

Brown Medium



Due to our annual end of season tidy up we are selling these Paerfeq water Repellent Riding Tights in Black with Knee Padding size Medium.

These Medium tights have relaxed Waist of 30" and a relaxed Inside Leg of 30".


Please note we only have one pair of these tights, so when they are gone, they are gone.


All of our Riding tight Sale items ate new and have been mostly returned to us due to customer sizing issues.



The ultimate in colder weather riding breeches, rain, snow, wind and mud resistant!

These Wind Pro breeches from Irideon are made from bonded Wind Pro Polartec fleece with a Nylon Spandex outer making them soft and warm on the inside and touch, hard wearing on the outer.

The Wind Pro fleece performs up to four times better at blocking wind the most conventional fleece breeches, coupled with the Nylon outer providing protection against rain, snow and mud, these breeches are the ultimate in col weather riding gear.

Designed specifically for Women riders, and patterned in the saddle for a comfortable fit. The breeches have a no-chafe, overlocked, edge stitched seams for extra strength.

The breeches also feature

Chamisoft anti-slip knee patches

Wide 1½" anti-roll waistband for comfort.

Gripper elastic at the ankles

Also see Mens Irideon Wind Pro 3 Season Riding Breeches for a matching pair for the man in your life.

Available in Black.

Available sizes:Large and Extra Large only


Size chart

Size                           Waist                      Hips

Large                         30½-32"                  40½-42"

X Large                       33½-37½"               43½-45"




Due to our annual end of season tidy up we are selling these Perfeq water repellent Riding tights with Knee Padding and Purple Stripe in a size Large Short.

These tights have a relaxed Waist of 35" and relaxed Inside Leg of 27.5"

Please note we only have one pair of these tights so when they are gone, they are gone.


All of the Riding Tights in our Sale are new and have been returned to us due to customer sizing issues.



This newest addition to our riding hat range has a modern, matt finish one piece shell design and features:

  • Rear dial adjuster to ensure the rider achieves the optimum fit.
  • Sleek channel design to allow optimum airflow and cooling.
  • Removable mesh lining to allow cleaning and increase airflow if requires.
  • Lightweight, stylish design.

Typical weight 400-500g depending on size.

Manufactured to ASTM F-1163-15 Standard with SEI approval the helmet also has CE and VG1.01.040 2014-12 approval. See separate image for inner label details by clicking on the image and following NEXT on the right hand side

Now Available in Black, Metallic Fuchsia, Metallic Blue and Metallic Teal

Helmet sizing

Size               Fits head size

Small             48-52cm

Medium          52-56cm

Large             57-61cm




Designed to fit anywhere on the saddle this Stowaway bag was originally designed to fit the Easy Boot range of hoof boots but is easily adapted to fit everything you would need for a ride. Manufactured from showerproof rip-stop Nylon with a foam padded bottom panel with durable, soft, short-pile fleece to protect both the horse and the saddle from the weight of the pack.

In addition there are 3 zipped easy-access compartments that will hold a replacement boot such as Shoof or Easy Boot or a variety of other riding essentials.

Attachment to the saddle is via a heavy duty swivel, snap clip with ties for additional securing of the pack that can be attached to stirrup or girth straps.

Bag size Width across bag 10" (25cm), height 6¼" (16cm), depth from the horse 4¼" (11cm)

Available Colours:  Brown, Red and Green


A simple strap 375(15") in length and fastened together with a Velcro strip.

Ideal for use as an extra tie down strap for water bottles or saddle mounted equipment.


Our Perfeq Plain Biothane reins are non gripped and are available in three width of 12mm, 16mm and 19mm.

A central buckle version is available with bit connection by either rein snap swivel clips or buckles.

Available in either Shetland, Pony, Cob/Arab, Full, Extra Full or custom length, there is a choice of either Brass or Stainless Steel fittings.

Option available for matching rein/martingale stops.


Yes+ £5.50

A high quality, single scope nurse style stethoscope in a corrosion resistant chromium finish.

Provides a quick and simple way to check your horse's heart rate at Start and Finish of competitions


Fed up with tatty webbing head collars? smarten up your Pony/Horse with our stunning synthetic head collars.
Our head collars are manufactured from tough, high gloss, biothane a synthetic material with a webbing core, that can be clean by simply washing it in water and wiping dry.  
The head collars have adjustable nose and head piece and is available with a choice of fittings


Washing breathable horse clothing has always been a problem. Using the wrong washing liquid can block up the pores of the fabric, damage the material and in extreme cases cause an allergic reaction from the horse.

Griffin Nuuwash has been especially formulated for washing all types of horse clothing including, Numnahs, Saddle Pads, Seat Savers and Rugs as it does not contain harmful chemicals and can be used on a variety of materials.

Bottle size 1 Litre


Developed by popular request, our simple padded brow synthetic biothane bridle is for all those riders who prefer their horse to have very little around their face.
The bridle consists of a pvc waffle weave lined brow band and an adjustable cheek/bit strap. No noseband and no throat latch, although a throat latch can be added if preferred.

Manufactured form 16mm biothane, a lightweight 12mm wide version is available on request.

Can be manufactured with either Brass or Stainless Steel/Nickel plated fittings.

Colours include

Translucent Neon Colours - Neon Red, Neon Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Flourescent Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Green, Neon Cobalt Blue, Neon Sky Blue, Neon Turquoise and Neon Purple.

Full Gloss Solid Colours - Red , Yellow, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Silver, White, Brown , Burgundy, Black, Light Green. 

Soft Matt Beta Colours - Red, Orange, Green, Royal Blue, White, Brown, Black, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Yellow,  Lime,  Pale Blue, Teal and Light Green.

Available in Shetland, Pony, Cob, Full and Shire sizes or made to measure.

Yes+ £12.50

A new addition to the very popular Tipperary Sportage Riding Hat range.

Manufactured by Pheonix Performance Products of Canada, this lightweight, well ventilated helmet has a selection of wide front, top and side contrast coloured mesh vents allowing for maximum air circulation whilst riding making it ideal for long distance riding as well as Carraige Driving.

Manufactured to ASTM F1163-15 Standard with SEI Certificatation the Hybrid weighs around 440g.

The Tipperary Sportage Hybrid features

* Contrasting coloured inner mesh for a distinctive colour co-ordinated look.

* Convenient magnetic hook clip for easy fastening.

* A Large soft, flexible peak for increased safety.

* Removable washable inner rear comfort pads that allow for a tailored fit.

* Reflective rear trim for increased visibility in low light.

* Additional liner pads that can be fitted around the inner hat for extra comfort.

* Contrasting colour detailing around the hat.

* Supplied with handy storage bag and comprehensive instruction booklet.

* Supplied with additional rear comfort pad and inner lining pad pack.


Available in the following colour combinations. Matt Black with Royal Mesh/Detailing, Matt Black with Purple Mesh/Detailing, Matt Black with Carbon Grey Mesh/Detailing and Matt Black with Teal Mesh/Detailing.

Available in sizes from Small to Large.

Sizing Chart

Size          Cms               Head Circumference                    Hat size

Small         52-53             20¼" - 20¾"                                   6½-65/8

Medium      54-55             211/8" - 21½"                                 9¾-67/8

Large         56-57              217/8" - 22¼"                                7-71/8












A range of Stainless Steel rings suitable for use on martingales and other tack and equipment.

Please Note The rings are described by their internal diameter

Size1 Internal diameter ¾" (20mm)

Size 2 Internal diameter 1" (25mm)

Size 3 Internal diameter 1 3/8" (35mm)

Size 4 Internal diameter 1½" (40mm)


A pair of 16mm wide, Biothane Rein/Martingale stops in a wide variety of colours and finishes to either match existing reins or to add a colour contrast.

Rein stop length 90mm (3½")

Sold in pairs.