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Polar Equine M400 Heart Rate Monitor and GPS


The Polar M400 is a combined Heart Rate monitor and GPS unit designed specifically for use on horses.

The monitor set comprises of

Equine M400 wrist mounted Training Computer

Equine H7 hear rate sensor module and electrode base set

Additional soft strap that can be used by the owner for individual training purposes.

USB connection cable

Can be used with both Polar Flow and Polar web services.


The M400 is a low profile Equine Training Computer that allows riders to monitor Speed, Distance, Heart Rate and Time together on a watch receiver.

The watch receiver is waterproof and has a High Contrast, High Resolution display making it ideal for use outdoors whatever the weather.

With the M400 riders can plan and analyse their training using Polar Flow and Polar web services which not only maps out the route taken but provides information at every point including hear rate and speed.

The Polar Flow application allows blue tooth devices such as iphone, ipad, iwatch to be paired to the H7 module to allow information to be displayed on any of these devices

One of the advantages of the Equine M400 is that riders can set heart rate zones and identify aerobic/anaerobic thresholds levels for your horse. You can also create interval sessions (time, heart rate and distance) and get guidance from audio alerts during these sessions.

Easy to use, the Training Computer is worn by the rider with the H7 hear rate sensor electrode base set which has two flexible pads fitted on either side of the horse, usually one on the girth by the heart and the other opposite under the saddle pad by the withers.

Data transfer from the watch receiver is via the USB cable supplied, plugged into a computer/laptop this also provides a source for charging the device.

To ensure a good electrode contact, the skin surrounding the electrode pads should be wet, alternatively a ECG Gel can be used.







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Polar Equine M400 Heart Rate Monitor and GPS