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The key to getting consistant results from Equine Heart Rate monitors is to ensure that the electrodes are in direct contact with the skin of the horse. Usually this can be achieved by wetting the horse in the area of the electrodes, however there are occasions when coat conditions make this more difficult, in these cases a conductive gel can be used.

E.c.g. Gel is used extensively throughout the medical profession as a highly conductive electrode solution for use on E.C.G equipment.

Supplied in a large 250g tube the gel is water based and easily removed after applying.



Ideal for fitting around your horse whilst it is at rest or in a Vet Gate allowing close observation of the heart rate, our adjustable, elasticated horse strap is supplied in a variety of formats to suit riders requirements.

Easily fitted and removed by the plastic slide release clip, it can be supplied as a plain belt allowing riders to use their own Polar T31 Transmitter/Electrode belt and providing they have the relevant Watch Receiver



The Polar Equine H7 is a digital, sensor belt set that is compatible with with a wide variety of Bluetooth devices. The set comprises of a textile belt with integral electrodes and a removable H7 wireless data transmitter that should be removed before washing the belt.

It is ideal for monitoring your horse's heart rate for longer periods of time for instance when exercising or lunging.
The transmitter module comes with user changeable batteries.

The maximum distance to ensure a good wireless connection between your watch style receiver and the sensor belt is 10Mtrs.

The sensor belt is compatible with iPhone 4S and later and a selection of Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 using Android 4.3 or later versions.

It is also compatible with the following Polar devices and technologies.

CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400, F4, F6, F7, F11, F55, FS2c, FS3c, FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7,M400, FT40, FT60, FT80, Polar Loop, Polar Move, RCX5, RS100, RS200, RS300X, RS400, V800.

Please note this product is just the sensor belt and not a complete monitor.


The Equine Inzone ride on monitor comprises of the watch Receiver and Electrode belt/Transmitter set. The transmitter belt is attached to the horse by adjustable rubber straps, with the data being transmitted from the electrode belt to the watch allowing riders to view the real time heart rate of the horse whilst riding.

The Receiver watch, once the transmitter belt is connected, will display the horse's heart rate whilst riding or training. The watch also has the ability to set High and Low heart rate limits with a selectable audible alarm. This feature is ideal when training as the rider/trainer can set a training regime to monitor and control the fitness over time.

The Receiver watch is water resistant to 30Mtrs and when not connected to the monitor will act as a normal watch displaying Time, Day and Date information. Another useful feature is that the Average Heart Rate for the session can be displayed at the end of the ride/training session.

Additional Sulky extension kit is available for use with driving/carriage horses.

To ensure a good contact to the horses' skin,and correct heart rate reading, the use of an e.c.g. gel is recommended on the electrodes.


The Polar M400 is a combined Heart Rate monitor and GPS unit designed specifically for use on horses.

The monitor set comprises of

Equine M400 wrist mounted Training Computer

Equine H7 hear rate sensor module and electrode base set

Additional soft strap that can be used by the owner for individual training purposes.

USB connection cable

Can be used with both Polar Flow and Polar web services.


The M400 is a low profile Equine Training Computer that allows riders to monitor Speed, Distance, Heart Rate and Time together on a watch receiver.

The watch receiver is waterproof and has a High Contrast, High Resolution display making it ideal for use outdoors whatever the weather.

With the M400 riders can plan and analyse their training using Polar Flow and Polar web services which not only maps out the route taken but provides information at every point including hear rate and speed.

The Polar Flow application allows blue tooth devices such as iphone, ipad, iwatch to be paired to the H7 module to allow information to be displayed on any of these devices

One of the advantages of the Equine M400 is that riders can set heart rate zones and identify aerobic/anaerobic thresholds levels for your horse. You can also create interval sessions (time, heart rate and distance) and get guidance from audio alerts during these sessions.

Easy to use, the Training Computer is worn by the rider with the H7 hear rate sensor electrode base set which has two flexible pads fitted on either side of the horse, usually one on the girth by the heart and the other opposite under the saddle pad by the withers.

Data transfer from the watch receiver is via the USB cable supplied, plugged into a computer/laptop this also provides a source for charging the device.

To ensure a good electrode contact, the skin surrounding the electrode pads should be wet, alternatively a ECG Gel can be used.







Yes+ £6.65

The Polar Equine V800 is a combined Heart rate Monitor and GPS device, allowing the user /trainer to monitor and analyse the performance of their horse by providing training data such as heart rate, speed, distance and route, all available on one screen. The monitor is designed to work alongside the Polar Flow web based training system, allowing the user to both set up the monitor and down load data from the device to the training system.

The monitor comes complete with the following:

  • Polar V800 watch style receiver with integral GPS module.
  • Polar equine electrode base set strap.
  • Polar equine blue tooth heart rate monitor.
  • USB charge/download cable (charging is via computer or lap top devices)
  • Seperate human soft strap that will also accept the blue tooth heart rate sensor, allowing the human owner to train along side their horse and capture their own data (if required).


Polar V800 watch style receiver

This device stores the data that has been set either via the buttons on the watch or via the website training system and displays the data fields set once the Start button has been pressed. Charging and downloading is conducted from the receiver to the computer by the download/upload cable.


Polar Equine Electrode Base Set and Blue tooth heart rate monitor module

The electrode base set has two soft electrode pads that are designed to provide the contact with the horse for monitoring the heart rate. Ideally one electrode should be placed on the girth (on the heart side) and the other placed under the saddle pad, by the withers, on the opposite side.

The Blue tooth heart rate monitor module simply attaches to this belt, at the centre, by poppers and provides a wireless signal to the watch receiver. This also means that the belt can be washed after each training session.

As the heart rate module provides a wireless signal other devices such as smartphones and tablets can also be used to access the data being provided, again via Polar software.

To ensure a good contact between the electrode pads and the horse an electrode gel such as our Signa gel is recommended.

For screen shots of some of the data available from the Polar web based training system please click on the image and select the next button that will appear on the right hand side.




The Polar T31 transmitter/electrode set can be used with either the Horse Belt or Test Handles or as a spare/replacement for the Vet Check transmitter.

Comes complete with human belt set.


Ideal for Vet gates and holds the Polar Vet/Health Check monitor eliminates the need for stethoscopes.

The monitor comprises of a transmitter/electrode with a handle and an FT1 watch receiver.

The combined electrode/transmitter is placed by the horses heart and the watch receiver button pushed. The display will give a heart pulsing indication and reading after 5-10 seconds.

The electrode/transmitter can be easily removed from the handle and fitted to the Horse
Belt allowing the heart to be continually monitored whilst the horse is either walked or rested.

To ensure a good contact the transmitter/electrode handle needs a sound contact with the skin of the horse around the heart area. This can be achieved by applying lots of water around the contact area. Alternatively a ECG gel can be applied to the electrodes on the handle before placing onto the heart area.