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The key to getting consistant results from Equine Heart Rate monitors is to ensure that the electrodes are in direct contact with the skin of the horse. Usually this can be achieved by wetting the horse in the area of the electrodes, however there are occasions when coat conditions make this more difficult, in these cases a conductive gel can be used.

E.c.g. Gel is used extensively throughout the medical profession as a highly conductive electrode solution for use on E.C.G equipment.

Supplied in a large 250g tube the gel is water based and easily removed after applying.



Ideal for fitting around your horse whilst it is at rest or in a Vet Gate allowing close observation of the heart rate, our adjustable, elasticated horse strap is supplied in a variety of formats to suit riders requirements.

Easily fitted and removed by the plastic slide release clip, it can be supplied as a plain belt allowing riders to use their own Polar T31 Transmitter/Electrode belt and providing they have the relevant Watch Receiver



This lightweight Aluminium handle is designed for the attachment of a Polar T31 Electrode/Transmitter strap allowing the complete unit to be easily used for checking the heart rate of either horses or humans.

Can be supplied with or without the Polar T31 electrode/transmitter strap.



The Polar Equine H7 is a digital, sensor belt set that is compatible with with a wide variety of Bluetooth devices. The set comprises of a textile belt with integral electrodes and a removable H7 wireless data transmitter that should be removed before washing the belt.

It is ideal for monitoring your horse's heart rate for longer periods of time for instance when exercising or lunging.
The transmitter module comes with user changeable batteries.

The maximum distance to ensure a good wireless connection between your watch style receiver and the sensor belt is 10Mtrs.

The sensor belt is compatible with iPhone 4S and later and a selection of Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 using Android 4.3 or later versions.

It is also compatible with the following Polar devices and technologies.

CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400, F4, F6, F7, F11, F55, FS2c, FS3c, FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7,M400, FT40, FT60, FT80, Polar Loop, Polar Move, RCX5, RS100, RS200, RS300X, RS400, V800.

Please note this product is just the sensor belt and not a complete monitor.


Ideal for Vet gates and holds the Polar Vet/Health Check monitor eliminates the need for stethoscopes.

The monitor comprises of a transmitter/electrode with a handle and an FT1 watch receiver.

The combined electrode/transmitter is placed by the horses heart and the watch receiver button pushed. The display will give a heart pulsing indication and reading after 5-10 seconds.

The electrode/transmitter can be easily removed from the handle and fitted to the Horse
Belt allowing the heart to be continually monitored whilst the horse is either walked or rested.

To ensure a good contact the transmitter/electrode handle needs a sound contact with the skin of the horse around the heart area. This can be achieved by applying lots of water around the contact area. Alternatively a ECG gel can be applied to the electrodes on the handle before placing onto the heart area.