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Polar Equine V800 Heart Rate Monitor and GPS


The Polar Equine V800 is a combined Heart rate Monitor and GPS device, allowing the user /trainer to monitor and analyse the performance of their horse by providing training data such as heart rate, speed, distance and route, all available on one screen. The monitor is designed to work alongside the Polar Flow web based training system, allowing the user to both set up the monitor and down load data from the device to the training system.

The monitor comes complete with the following:

  • Polar V800 watch style receiver with integral GPS module.
  • Polar equine electrode base set strap.
  • Polar equine blue tooth heart rate monitor.
  • USB charge/download cable (charging is via computer or lap top devices)
  • Seperate human soft strap that will also accept the blue tooth heart rate sensor, allowing the human owner to train along side their horse and capture their own data (if required).


Polar V800 watch style receiver

This device stores the data that has been set either via the buttons on the watch or via the website training system and displays the data fields set once the Start button has been pressed. Charging and downloading is conducted from the receiver to the computer by the download/upload cable.


Polar Equine Electrode Base Set and Blue tooth heart rate monitor module

The electrode base set has two soft electrode pads that are designed to provide the contact with the horse for monitoring the heart rate. Ideally one electrode should be placed on the girth (on the heart side) and the other placed under the saddle pad, by the withers, on the opposite side.

The Blue tooth heart rate monitor module simply attaches to this belt, at the centre, by poppers and provides a wireless signal to the watch receiver. This also means that the belt can be washed after each training session.

As the heart rate module provides a wireless signal other devices such as smartphones and tablets can also be used to access the data being provided, again via Polar software.

To ensure a good contact between the electrode pads and the horse an electrode gel such as our Signa gel is recommended.

For screen shots of some of the data available from the Polar web based training system please click on the image and select the next button that will appear on the right hand side.



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Polar Equine V800 Heart Rate Monitor and GPS