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Energex Energy Booster Syringe


Maintaining blood glucose concentration during exercise is vital as an energy source for the working muscles and brain. During prolonged exercise blood glucose levels begin to deplete seriously affect performance.  
Energex helps to maintain the glucose levels by providing a readily available source of carbohydrate.  

Used as a recovery aid following hard work Energex is made from disaccharide a slow release type of sugar not normally found in the diet of a horse.  Once digested this sugar is released and converted to gluocose to top up the levels in the bloodstream.  
Suitable for any horse or pony undertaking prolonged exercise such as Endurance, Racing or Eventing, Energex can also be used prior to short bouts of exercise such as Showing and Show Jumping where exercise is repeated over several days of competition.  


Energex can be given at any time during competition but for best results it should be administered 30 minutes prior to the start.

For Endurance horses a minimum of half syringe should be orally injected at each early Vet Gate and a full syringe per Vet Gate later in the race

Syringe size 60g

6-0-a-D-glucopyranosyl-D-fructofuranose, monohydrate (disaccharide)

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Energex Energy Booster Syringe