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Perfeq, co-ordinated, Brushing Boots - Discontinued Range


Our Perfeq co-ordinated Brushing Boots are manufactured from a hard wearing, breathable, neoprene with an airmesh outer, allowing riders to co-ordinate them with other items in our range such as chaps and gloves and Over Reach Boots.

With double velcro fastening and touch hard plastic strike pad these boots are ideal for all types of riding.

Available in Small (Black only) Medium and Large sizes, the boots are both lightweight and easy to clean.

Please note as these boots are being discontinued, please check below for colour and size availability

Current Availability:

Black: Medium and Large

Red: Medium and Large

Royal Blue: Medium and Large

Yellow: Medium and Large


      Size                    Min/Max diameter            Height       
Small              29cm/31cm                   24cm
   Medium           30cm/32cm                   24cm   
                              Large               31cm/33cm                   24cm                                                  

£25.00 Now £18.50
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Perfeq, co-ordinated, Brushing Boots - Discontinued Range