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Lightweight Composite Safety Caged Stirrups


Manufactured from lightweight, PP-copolymer, these stirrups have a fitted safety cage that can be easily removed via notched screws, when not required.

Safety caged stirrups are designed to prevent the foot from slipping forward, and tip upwards in the case of a fall, allowing the foot to be released rapidly and reducing the risk of being dragged.

With a pimpled tread, these stirrups are 115mm (4½") wide x 125mm (5") deep to the end of the safety cage x 100mm (4") high.

Ideal for junior riders or for riders who prefer smaller stirrups.

Maximum stirrup leather width 30mm (1¼")

Weight: 210g each

Colour: Black



0x0 x0 in

Lightweight Composite Safety Caged Stirrups