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Stainless Steel Snap (Bridle) Hooks


A range of three sizes of Stainless Steel AISI 304 Snap (Bridle) Hooks.

With a breaking strain of 140Kg these robust clips are ideal as replacements for damaged or broken fittings on any synthetic or leather bridles, breastplates or reins with 12, 16 or 19mm wide material.

Being manufactured from Stainless Steel these clips will not tarnish or corrode.


The hook lengths are:

12mm end eye - 51mm long

17mm end eye - 65mm long

20mm end eye - 75mm long

Weight per Hook

12mm - 23g

17mm - 35g

20mm - 45g


0x0 x0 in

Stainless Steel Snap (Bridle) Hooks